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Coral Cortez

Owner & Massage Therapist

Craniosacral / Sports Therapy Massage/ Prenatal Massage

A Tahoe born local, Coral is proud to celebrate her dream of opening her own massage & wellness center come to fruition. With over 12 years of bodywork experience she strives to utilize her vast knowledge to help her clients get to their core issues and find lasting relief from their symptoms.

Since 2006 she has been focused in massage and bodywork and began her massage training at Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing. Her focus is to provide clients with multiple massage techniques including advance neck work, neuro muscular reprograming, lymphatic massage, reflexology, cupping, stone massage, sports massage and many other specialty services.

Originally trained in sports training, sports massage, sports psychology, deep tissue, somatic therapy, and therapeutic massage, Coral wanted to expand her knowledge and was trained under the originator of neuro muscular reprogramming, which led her into studying Craniosacral. She has had several profound experiences since advancing her specialties in craniosacral, advanced neck work, neuro muscular reprogramming, somatic therapy and has devoted her professional life to it because she truly believes in the benefits and results it provides for herself and her clients.

"The body is an amazing structure, its innate wisdom encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. I have been blessed and fortunate to work with many amazing people, from all walks of life. Learning from them and helping so many to recognize how to bridge the gaps from what their conscious mind is saying and what the body is saying. Helping them create sustainable change within their body from dis-ease to ease. Each person is so incredibly unique, but each body is so sacred and beautiful having its own healing/ life journey of the body, mind and Soul. I feel extremely lucky to be on this path of work and I am grateful every time I get to share it with others." – Coral Cortez, LMT


Our Office Service Dago

Dayo,  is 5yrs old and has been in the healing service for 4yrs. Alerting low blood sugar, siezurs, and many other symptoms. He is a kind and friendly addition to our space.


Moore Integrative Health


Chelsie Moore, MS, CNS

Hi! My name is Chelsie Moore. My journey in integrative health care and functional forms of wellness began six years ago with my own personal struggle with persistent post-concussion syndrome. I’m an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, and lover of the outdoors based out of Lake Tahoe and I desperately wanted to get back to doing the things that I loved.

After years of not being able to find any solutions, I began to search elsewhere for relief from my daily battle with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. In my quest for these answers, I first stumbled across a yoga therapy training program in Salt Lake City, in which I spent two years and 1200 hours studying the various limbs of yoga and learning how Ayurveda, meditation, and asana can provide a healing platform for all sorts of chronic ailments. It was after this that I found Functional Medicine.

I obtained my Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health with an emphasis in Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Psychology, and Chronic Disease. I learned all of the biochemical nuances of health and wellness, and the environmental inputs that can alter our overall sense of wellness. Over the past few years I have been able to bear witness to just how powerful this approach can be for patients with all sorts of chronic disease diagnoses.

After finishing graduate school and becoming a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, I founded my own practice called Moore Integrative Health where I’ve had the absolute pleasure of serving people of all age categories and health concerns. I serve on the Board of Directors for Save a Brain, a 501c3 with a mission to spread awareness of the long term mental and physical effects caused by Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and concussions, as well as to connect individuals with the right treatment.  

I’ve completed advanced training in Amino Acid Therapy through the Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition lead by Christina Veselak and Dr. Hyla Cass. This knowledge has served as a powerful tool to support patients in restoring balanced brain chemistry.

Lastly, I obtained advanced training in clinical applications for Neuroinflammation with Dr. Kharrazian and The Kharrazian Institute. I have been fortunate enough to study among some of the world’s greatest experts in this field and am excited to share my clinical experience and knowledge to help you find your own haven of wellness. I’m a dreamer, I’m an optimist, and I am never complacent in my desire to serve my community. I believe that we all have to do our part in making this world a better place, and this initiative of mine is my way of doing so.



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