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Advance Neck Treatments

Lets get you to feel your cervical spine shine!
Highly focused and specific massage that gives your neck/ shoulder muscles more mobility.
A  medical massage /bodywork treatment for help with tension headaches, migraines, neck injuries especially whiplash injuries or just deep relaxation. Highly specific and focused techniques that reduce scar tissue, increase range of motion and flexibility. Leaving your body feeling more structurally balance and you feeling more happy.

Shoulder and Neck Treatment. 

There are many reasons why shoulders have injuries. Dislocation, sprain, strain, repetitive stress and improper ergonomics. In this shoulder massage session I work with you and your muscles to access and evaluate what the best healing massage is for your body.  Once we do that, the massage treatment is designed to specifically focus on muscles, tendons and ligaments that need the physical treatment.

Advanced Neck-Massage.jpg

Advance Neck Treatment

60 min., $145

Call to schedule due to high demand


Neck and Shoulder Treatment

90 min., $185

Call to schedule due to high demand

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