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Leg Injury

NeuroMuscular Reprogramming

NMR is a detailed and thorough structural bodywork which uses muscle testing to assess and correct dysfunctional coordination patterns at their source: the motor control center in the brain. This work is deeply effective, extremely detailed, and gets results where all else fails. NMR gets fast, long lasting results for all kinds of structural problems, whether acute or chronic – making it one of the best values in the marketplace. It is a wonderful complement to other bodywork modalities and the perfect adjunct to chiropractic or sports injury care. NMR assists recovery from acute injury, chronic neuromuscular pain, scoliosis, postural alignment problems, mild head injury and stroke, and cognitive dyslexia. 
NMR works with the body’s organizational intelligence to reprogram movement coordination, which reorganizes the brain, reducing system energy demands created by inefficient functioning and the stress of disability. Abilities are restored that were lost, and clients are able to resume normal activities they thought were lost to them.
In our experience, the functionality of the body mirrors the integrity of the nervous system. Physical disorganization creates mental confusion, and conversely, damage to cognitive centers shows up in the body as stress, dysfunction and multi-system breakdown. Reprogramming the neuromuscular network improves all levels of the body’s functions.
NMR accomplishes extraordinary results with complex conditions involving neuromuscular or neurological dysfunction.

60 min., $145

90 min. $185

Please Call to schedule due to high demands.

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